• Winner of the American Theatre Critics Association Osborn Award for Emerging playwright.
  • Winner of the Goldie Award – Best Solo Performance, San Francisco Bay Guardian.
  • Winner of the San Francisco Solo Mio Festival Award – Best Solo performance.
  • Selected by the ATCA as one of the best 3 plays produced outside of New York.

Man’s manipulation of Nature comes to haunt The lives of 6 Cajuns (the Dantins, the Cheramies and the Arcenauxs,) living at the edge of a marsh in southeastern Louisiana and as the marshland is torn up by the oil industry, heavy rains and a fierce hurricane force alligators and shady oil speculators up to human territory for food and money. Nature herself is a formidable character working on the lives of simple country people caught between the grand forces of Heaven and earth.

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Mauvais Temps
The Krewe of Neptune
The Queen of the Sea
Bird in the Hand
New England Class Divide
Alligator Tales