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just a taste of OKRA

Ya’ll don’t care about ya’ll culture.  Ya’ll heritage.  The okra is on the vines.  They’re just hanging there, waiting to be cooked.   Mais non.  Just to spite me you won’t cook it.
That’s not true, Mama.
Mama, please.
Why did you plant okra in the garden, huh?
Marie wanted that garden.  Not me.  I set up the poles and the string because Marie couldn’t finish it for herself.
That’s not true.  I tried, but that rooster attacked me.
Alright, Marie.
Just cut it out.
Nobody believes me in this house.
Get Antoine to give you a freezer bag of shrimp.  Ask him for two freezer bags.  You slice the baby okras and smother them in the pot.  Add some vinegar to cut the slime.  And if you put one drop of liquid Zatarains, urs va guarantee …  

OKRA – Returning to Bayou Playhouse

Okra is returning to Bayou Playhouse by popular demand! If you are in Louisiana, make sure not to miss this encore performance of a Playhouse favorite!! Winner of the 2004 Bay Area Theatre Critic’s Circle Award for Best Original Script. Hot steamy nights, food from heaven and a mother from hell! OKRA takes a comical look at the never-ending question – What is stronger in the mother/daughter relationship: love or loathing?

Okra premiered at Brava Theater Center in San Francisco in 2004, then moved to Southern Rep and later to True Brew Theatre, where it continued to play to sold out houses in New Orleans up until the night before Hurricane Katrina hit. It reopened in March the following year at True Brew. Okra had it’s first run at Bayou Playhouse in 2008.

David Cuthbert, of The Times-Picayune, said of the 2008 show, “It shows mankind as the messy, imperfect people we are, usually at cross-purposes, but somehow managing to come together on occasion. It’s the kind of theater that makes the world seem — against all evidence to the contrary — a better place, a joyous place, in which to live.”


at the Bayou Playhouse
By Anne Galjour
Directed by Perry Martin
May 11-June10, 2012

Go to for more information on the Bayou Playhouse, their season, and how to get tickets.